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Special Features Of Education At MIVMS

All students at Maharishi Institute of Vedic & Management Sciences are given an integrated, unified version of all aspects of life through study of the principles of Maharishiís Vedic Science and Technology and study of the Laws of Nature, which structure and uphold growth and progress in all of nature, including human life. Maharishiís Vedic Science includes the study of all 40 aspects* of Veda and Vedic literature. Students feel an intimate connection to these universal principles of Vedic Science and come to understand the simple functioning of Natural Law in their own lives and in the world around them.

* 1. Rik Veda; 2. Sam Veda; 3. Yajur-Veda; 4. Atharva Veda; 5. Shiksha; 6. Kalp; 7. Vyakaran; 8. Nirukt; 9. Chhand; 10. Jyotish; 11. Nyay; 12. Vaisheshik; 13. Samkhya; 14. Yoga; 15. Karma Mimansa; 16. Vedant; 17. Gandharva Veda; 18. Dhanur Veda; 19. Sthapatya Veda; 20. Harit Samhita; 21. Bhel Samhita; 22. Kashyap Samhita; 23. Charak Samhita; 24. Shushrut Samhita; 25. Vagbhatt Samhita; 26. Madhav Nidan Samhita; 27. Sharangadhar Samhita; 28. Bhava Prakash Samhita; 29. Upanishad; 30. Aranyak; 31. Brahman; 32. Itihas; 33. Puran; 34. Smriti; 35. Rik Veda Pratishakhya; 36. Shukl-Yajur-Veda Pratishakhya; 37. Atharva Veda Pratishakhya; 38. Atharva Veda Pratishakhya (Chaturadhyayi); 39. Krishna Yajur Veda Pratishakhya (Taittiriya); 40. Sama Veda Pratishakhya (Pushpa Sutram)

The key value of studying the Maharishiís Vedic Science is that the students learn the connectedness of these universal principles of intelligence to their own Pure Consciousness, experienced in their daily practice of Maharishiís Transcendental Meditation and its advance programmes. This balance of knowledge and experience creates an ideal situation for smooth and rapid growth in all areas of the studentís lives. The daily practice of Maharishiís Transcendental Meditation provides a perfect foundation for education; the development of the students own Consciousness. With this growth of pure wake fullness, creative genius blossoms, and intelligence and organizing power are naturally developed. For education to be complete, it must include the total development of consciousness, which is an ocean of knowledge, power and bliss and this will be a unique opportunity for the students of Maharishi Institute of Vedic & Management Science.

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